Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR)

PKM are a committed social value employer, who through our corporate values and professionalism maintain the principles of CSR.

Our people, our communities, our environment, and our business are important to us.

Our new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy will focus on People, Communities, the Environment and Our Business.

Our People

Our people are at the centre of our business, and we are committed to the training and development of each and everyone.

The Health & Wellbeing of every employee is key to our business and as part of new strategy our senior management team will undergo a series of Mental Health Awareness and Mental Health First Aid training.

Also, our goal is to have at least one if not two First Aiders in each department at our Head Office and on all sites.

We aim to host at least one social event each quarter, to date our staff have taken part in, what is now our annual ‘PKM Step Challenge’ ‘International Women’s Day’ & ‘Darkness into Light’ to name a few.

Corporate Social <br> Responsibility (CSR)

PKM is mindful of the social, economic, and environmental impact its work has on the communities in which it works.

As part of our new strategy, we are committed to addressing societal issues in these areas by improving community areas/centres, forging links with local schools/colleges. Teaming up and fund raising with local charities.

Since starting out in business PKM have always been supportive of our local community. In 2021 we installed a defibrillator at our Head Office in Pomeroy, (registered on ‘The Circuit’, The National Defibrillator Network) and is available for use 24/7 to anyone who may need it in the community.

Our staff also support Christmas Appeals and more recently supplies for Ukraine.

Our annual charity is nominated by our employees, enabling us to support a cause close to our employees’ hearts.

Corporate Social <br> Responsibility (CSR)
Our Business

We strive to put our staff and our customers at the heart of everything we do. To provide a service built on our knowledge and experience of the industry. To ensure that our policies are carried out by all. As a company we will not tolerate harassment or abuse of any kind by our employees.

Corporate Social <br> Responsibility (CSR)
The Environment

PKM are committed to reducing the impact on the environment for the benefit of current and future generations.

It is our policy to source its materials and components used onsite from certified sustainable sources where practical.

We monitor and manage our carbon footprint in the delivery of its business. 30% of the electrical consumption at our Pomeroy premises is derived from renewable energy sources and we are in the process of a ‘Tree Planting’ project.

We are currently evaluating our fleet policy to produce an in-depth analysis of both Hybrid and Electric Vehicles for the future.

We monitor Recycling within all sites which produces 90+% of all waste that is generated and is recycled.

Corporate Social <br> Responsibility (CSR)